SANsymphony™ software, powered by DataCore™ Parallel I/O technology, is our flagship 10th generation storage virtualization solution. In use at over 10,000+ customer sites, it maximizes IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilization by virtualizing storage hardware

Industry-Leading Performance

DataCore shattered the Performance and Price-Performance mark for the industry’s most prestigious benchmark; the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 (which measures IOPS and latency against database/transaction processing workloads)[1]. 


Why Our Customers Love Us

Surveyed DataCore™ Customers Report Up To:


Lower Cost Of Ownership

75% reduction in storage costs


Faster Applications

10x performance increase


Higher Availability

100% reduction in storage-related downtime


Greater Productivity

90% decrease in time spent on routine storage tasks

Use Cases for SANsymphony

Consider DataCore any time you wish to:

Virtualize your existing storage hardware

Create converged storage from servers and internal storage

Integrate Flash/SSDs with existing storage

Virtualize Your External Storage Hardware

The SANsymphony software runs on standard x86 servers, providing one set of common storage services across all storage devices under its control.


The combined storage capacity of the different devices is managed as shared pools to eliminate wasted space.


Unlike storage systems communicate seamlessly reducing complexity and preventing downtime.


Data is replicated between nodes leaving no single point of failure.


You can seamlessly scale up and scale out choosing the most appropriate hardware manufacturer for each class of storage and servers.

Auto-tiering Dynamically Optimizes Resources

DataCore allows you to create up to 15 tiers of storage and will automatically migrate data to the tier that delivers the right performance at the right time

Not once a week, not once a day – this is ongoing, real time tuning of your data. Data can be automatically migrated from Flash to Enterprise Storage to Nearline or Bulk Storage and even off to the cloud for archival.


Best part is, this is done at the block level. While a database may require performance, not every block of data associated with it does. Share your Flash or high end storage between multiple applications and ensure that only the blocks of data in high demand reside on high performance storage systems.



New Hardware Isn't the Only Way to Increase Performance

DataCore Can Make Your Existing Storage Hardware Run 10 Times Faster

The concept is simple, electronic memory is significantly faster than disk and even Flash.  So run your applications in memory as long as possible!  DataCore uses x86-64 CPUs and memory from DataCore nodes as powerful, inexpensive “mega caches”.


Performance acceleration is DataCore’s secret sauce.  Our parallel I/O technology and caching algorithms intelligently anticipate reads, bringing blocks of data into RAM before your applications ask for them.  Then we evaluate your usage patterns and won’t write anything back to disk until you are really done with it.  When data does need to be written to disk, we coalesce random writes into sequential writes ensuring it gets down onto the disk as fast as possible.

Converged SAN using servers with internal flash and direct-attached storage (DAS)

Easily Connect Between Sites

One Storage Services Platform

Across your entire infrastructure

When to get started with DataCore

Before your next storage purchase

Using or considering flash/SSDs

Expanding Server/Desktop Virtualization

Developing yourBusiness Continuity Plan